Eric Frommer: Blog en-us (C) Eric Frommer (Eric Frommer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Eric Frommer: Blog 120 90 The Arlington Fly-In 2013 I attended my first Arlington Fly-in this year at the Arlington Airport. Mostly small planes in the static area with many home made and "experimental" planes. The airshow included a few aerobatic flyers including a father and son team. Pretty good vintage military display also. I posted my favorite 105 pics to the gallery. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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The Palouse I spent 4 days in May photographing The Palouse area of Eastern Washington. This was my first trip there and I covered 1600 miles in the 4 days taking pictures of farms,wildlife,barns,fences and abandoned items. Looking forward to going back to cover more of the backroads.
Eric in Everett.

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Della Mae @ Wintergrass 2013 Took a few good pics of Della Mae @ Wintergrass 2013. I really like some of my pics of Della Mae @ Wintergrass 2012 also. The will be back up in the Pacific NW again at the Medical Lake Bluegrass Festival in August 2013



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The Seldom Scene @ Wintergrass 2013 The Seldom Scene closed out Wintergrass 2013 with another classic set!!  They don't get out on the West Coast that often so it is always a special event. This time they had Chris Eldridge, Punch Brother and son of the Scenes banjo player Ben Eldridge,playing lead guitar and doing some vocals including a great version of John Starlings "Mean Woman Blues".

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Tone Poems @ Wintergrass 2013 with Kenny Smith and David Grisman A very cool workshop at Wintergrass 2013. Amazing to see and hear these two musicians playing such vintage instruments at this workshop.

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Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands @ Wintergrass 2013 Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands played a great set at Wintergrass 2013. Looking forward to their return visit to the Puget Sound area with an appearance at the Bluegrass From the Forest Festival in Shelton, WA in May 2013  I  have attended this festival multiple times and you can find some pics on my site (more to be uploaded) and on the festival site also. Check out Laurie's site to see when she will be performing near you.

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Kenny & Amanda Smith Band @ The Wintergrass 2013 Bluegrass Festival The Kenny & Amanda Smith Band played a few great sets at the Wintergrass 2013 Bluegrass Festival!! Kenny also participated in a Tone Poems workshop with David Grisman (photos will be posted as soon as possible) They will be back this summer appearing at the Bluegrass On The Green Festival in Mountlake Terrace, WA

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Beaconettes @ The Space Needle 50th Anniversary Celebration I did not have time to edit any of the Wintergrass 2013 pictures last night but I did have some time to upload an old set from last year of The Beaconettes from the 50th Anniversary of the Space Needle in Seattle. The Beaconettes don't perform to often so it is always special. They will be performing at Folklife 2013 and of course you can see them at Christmas around Seattle at a few events including the Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest. Check them out on Facebook for more info on them.


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Sarah Jarosz @ Wintergrass 2013 Sarah Jarosz at Wintergrass 2013 featured Alex Hargreaves on fiddle and Nathaniel Smith on cello and special guest Rushad Eggleston on cello.  Here are pictures from two of her sets.

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Wintergrass 2013!!! Wintergrass 2013 was spectacular as always!!! Will be posting my pictures as I finish weeding out the bad ones!The first set I have finished is "The Cleverlys" 

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Getting Ready For Wintergrass 2013 Wintergrass 2013 begins this Thursday and it will probably take me a month or so to get the pics all finished. For now the Wintergrass 2012 and Wintergrass 2011 pics will have to do.

Here is the link to the Wintergrass 2011 Pictures and here are the Wintergrass 2012 Pictures.

Sam Bush Wintergrass 2011Sam Bush Band@ Wintergrass 2011 Della Mae @ Wintergrass 2012Della Mae@ Wintergrass 2012-4

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Ridgefield Chess Pieces I am not a chess player but I do know how to play. We saw these chess pieces in a courtyard during a Volkswalk in Ridgefield,WA. These pieces are a couple of feet tall and made of concrete I thought when I saw them they would look really cool in a B&W.

Ridgefield Chess PieceRidgefield Chess Pieces-2

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Reggie Miles @ The Chalet Enumclaw WA 2-10-13-10 Reggie Miles @ The Chalet Enumclaw WA 2-10-13-10Reggie Miles @ The Chalet Enumclaw WA 2-10-13-10


Got a chance to see Reggie Miles in a rare theatre performance. You can often catch Reggie at the Pike Place Market or a local club. Always fun!! Photos from this set are at this link


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